Heritage Tour Dominica

Community Experiences

Visitors come to Dominica for the nature but they realize that what makes it most unique is the personal connection with cultural heritage and communities. Unlike many other Caribbean destinations which are becoming very developed and ‘Westernized’, Dominica is one of the last few places which still retains its traditional character.

Take a walk through a local village, observe (and smell!) the traditional techniques to process bay oil, visit a farm high in the lush hills where you can taste fruits you never knew existed, learn a traditional dance, become a Caribbean drummer, watch (and taste) how rum is distilled in a traditional means. These and many other rich community experiences can be available through Jungle Bay as your base to explore from. Jungle Bay is committed to ecotourism philosophy and as such the community encounters are designed to be respectful to the residents and are a value added for both travelers and hosts. Please be courteous during your village visits and ask permission before taking photos.

You can find community encounters included in the Jungle Wellness Adventure Package schedule of activities. Detailed descriptions can be found in our Weekly Activities Schedule (PDF).

Elements of community and cultural heritage are included in most activities, but most prominently in the following:

  • Roseau Market Tour, one of the Caribbean’s last traditional marketsdominica_beach_drumming
  • Lime Plantation Tour at Morne Acouma
  • Perdu Temps Hike
  • Dominica Drumming Class
  •  Kalinago Territory Tours – available for an added fee – ask for details
  • Carnival experiences – ask for details
The indigenous Kalinago people of the island called Dominica "Waitukubuli" meaning “tall is her body”.