World Class Dining

Dining at Jungle Bay is gourmet culinary experience. Jungle Bay’s Calabash Restaurant & Bar overlooks the Caribbean Sea providing an al fresco semi-open air island experience like none other.

Exquisite menu selections incorporate influences from contemporary cuisine, adapted to take advantage of the island’s organic ingredients and Caribbean flavor. Each selection is carefully prepared with a focus on freshness.

Dinner menus rotate each evening providing an array of catch of the day (mahi mahi, marlin, kingfish, tuna), seafood, chicken, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Gourmet Caribbean Cuisine Highlights

*Local producers provide top quality organic vegetables, seasonal fruit, honey, coffee, spices, eggs, fish, and more, delivering almost daily to ensure freshness.

*Talented Jungle Bay cooks are delighted to cater to food sensitivities, gluten-free, lactose-free diets, and other special requests.

*Weekly cooking classes guide you through the recipes of some local favorites

*Our cuisine has been featured by Bon Appetite Magazine and other leading publications.

Take a look at our Jungle Bay Menu.

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“Satisfying, flavorful organic meals & attractive dining setting" - Simon & Baker Luxury Travel Review


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